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What is TED

TED stands for technology, entertainment and design, but the conference that took over the world dwells in a wide range of groundbreaking topics. The central TED conference is held once a year in Vancouver, Canada, featuring lectures from inspirational people from around the world. TED conferences feature short lectures, up to 18 minutes, presenting innovative, inspiring ideas.
TED speakers are selected in a long process and they include Nobel prize winners, world-changing managers and breakthrough scientists. For more about the applying for TED click here.

What is TEDx

All TED events in the world that are not the main event in Canada are TEDx events. These are licensed and supervised events by TED, but the organization does not financing the events and therefore the production takes place only with the help of ticket buyers and sponsors. TEDxTelAviv’s events are the largest and most prestigious in Israel and the videos that we produce are uploaded to TED’s global platforms, and spreading inspiring ideas from Israel to the world. The main event takes place once a year the Tel Aviv Cultural Hall. Later in the year we are producing more intimate TEDxTelAvivSalon events.

What is TED?

Odelia Cohen

Head of Finance


Asaf Milrad

Special Cameras


Esther Grego

Head of Production


Liad Zanzuri



Yadin Soffer

  TEDxTelAviv Founder


Rani Grego

Director & Editor

גלעד עדין

Gilad Adin

Producer & Host

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Inbar Adin

Marketing Manager


 TEDxTelAviv Team